EVP - (Eletronic Voice Phenomena)

An EVP is a recording of a voice or sound from an unknown source which is heard on recorded data, white noise, audio tape or other electronic media.  EVPs are those voices or sounds you do not hear until the media is played after the fact.

One amazing aspect of an EVP is that the voices or sounds recorded sometimes respond directly to the person making the recording. 

Most EVPs consist of single words, phrases, or short sentences, although sometimes, they are  grunts, groans, growling, or other vocal expressions or sounds such as footsteps or knocking sounds.

Quality of EVP

Class A

Easily understood by almost anyone with little or no dispute about what was heard

Class B

Not as clear as a Class A - It is generally lower in volume and distant sounding.  This is the most common type of EVP

Class C

These are the lowest in volume or clarity (often like a whisper) and are the hardest to understand.

Gettysburg Battlefield

East Hill EVPs

Gettysburg Battlefield

Spangler's Spring EVPs

Gettysburg Battlefield

Cemetery Ridge EVP

Gettysburg Battlefield

Another EVP from Cemetery Ridge

Gettysburg Battlefield

Spirit asking Tammy for Help

Gettysburg Battlefield

McPherson Ridge EVPs

EVP Captured at a Private Business

This was captured on the recorder on the bar while I was talking to the spirits in a different part of the room.

EVP From Robert Fulton's Birthplace

 This EVP was captured at Robert Fulton's Birthplace. I was handing Tammy a tripod and you here a voice ask "what's that?" and a female voice answers "I don't Know" 

EVP Captured at a private home in Cleveland

As I began the investigation I captured this male voice asking where my friend was.  Then another voice says "(...) is Adorabloe

EVP Captured at a Mausoleum

 This EVP was captured in a mausoleum we were in. I asked if anyone had a cure for Knee pain and the spirit answered "yes" 

White Rock Ford Covered Bridge

Spirit answers Tam,my when she asks who is up there.  "You can't see me"

EVP captured in a private home

Here I am being told that the spirit is not leaving.

EVP Captured in a home being investigated in Cleveland

While investigating a home in Cleveland two separate spirit voices are captured.  One saying "Hey" and the other asking "Who is He?"

EVP Captured at the Fulton Birthplace

Voices picked up from Robert Fulton's Birthplace when we first arrived on the night of 21 March 2015.  Three separate voices.  Not sure who they were talking to. Recommend Headphones be used

Jackson Sawmill Bridge EVP

As we left I said we were leaving and a voice came back and said "Bye"

Private Residence EVP

Tammy coming down the steps and first voice says "Hit Her" and the next voice says Tammy's Name.  Then A third voice says "Hey"

Tammy on the Phone

Tammy was on the phone talking about the activity in the house and a voice says to her "Yes Dear"