I don't have to be a psychic to know what you are thinking right now. “Not another website about the paranormal.” Well if this was just another boring site about investigative techniques or equipment needed to be a paranormal investigator; then I would agree with you and would close the page right now. However, this is not one of those sites. Although we will cover topics along these lines it is not the purpose of this site. What we want to do in the following pages is to talk about the paranormal from a personal standpoint. Tammy and I would like to use these pages to give you some insight into our lives as investigators and about the types of situations, we have encountered during our time together and apart. Being paranormal investigators has become a life for both of us, especially since we met and joined forces in our search for the truth. Our experiences are physical, mental, metaphysical, and emotional. There are so many different aspects of the paranormal people just do not or will not understand. The paranormal search is more than just grabbing a camera and recorder and heading out the door to look for ghosts.

There are many beliefs in the paranormal field about what a spirit is; where they come from; why they are still here after death and a myriad of other questions or topics which relate to paranormal investigations. No book or one person could ever address all of the topics or situations to the satisfaction of everyone. What is the paranormal? What is the difference between a ghost and a spirit? Are ghosts real? Can we actually talk to the spirits of those that have passed on? Can a spirit actually talk to us? Can we see them and interact with them? These are just a few of the questions people attempt to address. 

This photo was taken at Penhurst Sanitarium

What is the Paranormal


          Everybody has their own ideas to what the word paranormal means. The dictionary defines paranormal as “denoting events or phenomena that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding or not scientifically explainable”. To many this is good enough. It encompasses a wide range of events from spirits to aliens, to Big Foot. Depending on which survey you look at, 43% to 48% of people surveyed say they believe in ghosts. We want to concentrate on the paranormal that deals with spirit activity and ghosts. I am going to try and tell you how Tammy and I see it and what the paranormal means to us. But first I have to talk about how others see and understand or do not understand the paranormal. 


Science and the Paranormal

           We like to think that the word paranormal refers to the idea that there are events and activities that occur that we just can’t explain – YET. The paranormal actually means that something exists outside of what we consider to be normal. There are many things that were once considered paranormal that can now be explained with science. Before there was science there was beliefs. People used to believe that certain weather events or cosmic events were the results of Gods. Lightening was delivered by the hand of Zeus not by the natural reaction of positive and negative charges colliding in the sky. Now through scientific study we know how and why certain things occur. Why should the existence of spirits around us be any different? People will tell you that if it can’t be proven by science then it doesn’t exist. Well, the latest surveys in the United States 80% of people believe in the existence of God. Even a large number of scientists believe in God. And yet The existence of God cannot be proven scientifically can it? We can see the results of what our God has done, or his handy work in the heavens and yet you cannot reach out and physically take God by the hand or have a one on one conversation with him as you do with other humans. I am not talking about prayer or that God does not interact in our lives, I am simply saying that you cannot sit across from him and talk as you would with say your wife or husband.  Scientist will tell you that the paranormal is different from hypothetical concepts such as dark energy or dark matter. They will tell you that these concepts are based on “empirical” observation or experience (which means they are telling you they can verify their observation rather than just using logic or theory) and experimental data gained through scientific methods. Of course they explain “scientific method” as a series of step processes for experimentation that is used to explore and answer questions. So it is just fine to have a THEORY about Dark Matter or Black Holes in space but the existence of a spirit is crazy talk. Did anyone get a box of dark matter or take a trip to a black hole to tell us how it worked and what it is made of? Of course they didn’t but they expect you to believe in them. Ok, fine. They will tell you how a star ages or how dinosaurs digested their food. Really, did they time travel a million years into the future or past and observe these things? Of course not. I am being a little facetious here but I am doing it to prove a point. A scientist will perform experiments by observation and tell you it is real, however, a paranormal investigator who observes the unexplained and shows what he or she found is dismissed by science as a nut case. And this goes for those that don’t believe in the paranormal as well.  They don’t believe so it can’t be real. There has to be a logical explanation for that door slamming on its own or that voice you heard telling you to “Get OUT”. First hand experiences, photos, recordings, videos all mean nothing to the skeptic. And really that is not always a bad thing. I encourage all of you to be skeptical to a point. Just not to the point where you disregard what is staring you right in the face.

          Did you know that even with all the empirical data, experimentation, observations and testing scientists cannot accurately explain how, on an atomic level, gravity, electricity, magnetic fields, or even magnets sticking together work?  These are all energies. Is it so hard to believe given this that there are energies that we have yet to figure out? If scientists cannot explain how some things work that we know exist, it is highly likely there are probably things in our world that exist and science just hasn’t detected it yet. I may not understand the science behind why fire burns, but you can bet I understand what happens when I pick something up that is red hot! Why isn’t the paranormal thought of in the same way? We have seen thousands of images, heard hundreds of voices picked up in recordings, and watched things on video that are unexplained. Some theories go as far as to say that all paranormal experience is a result of your own making. You think it in your mind. It isn’t real, your mind is making those things happen. You convinced yourself that what you saw or felt or heard is real and it really isn’t. That is truly one of the theories out there about the paranormal. Well let me tell you, if I could slam a door just with my mind…...there would have been a lot of people who got doors slammed in their faces even if I was across the room.

          I guess you could look at is as a struggle between science and paranormal investigation as a problem because there is really not one universal agreed upon definition of what a ghost or spirit is. The paranormal community at times cannot even come to a consensus on what is real and what is not. Why should you expect a skeptic or science would accept the existence of spirits?  The paranormal community is really no different than the scientific community. Some investigators, just like some scientists, argue back and forth about what is real and what is not. Scientists disagree on each other’s theories and observations just as paranormal investigators do. The difference I have seen though is that in the paranormal community there are a lot of closed minded individuals that if you don’t believe what they believe then you are not a “real” investigator. The paranormal is not one way or the other. It is not black and white there are a large number of grays in this field. It is unexplained phenomena. Some things just defy explanation but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real or didn’t happen. It just means that it can’t be explained yet. I think as the field advances and as we learn more we will understand more and some day we will answer that elusive question that we should all be looking to answer – “WHAT HAPPENS AFTER WE PASS FROM THIS WORLD?”