TAT Paranormal - Places we have Visited

Tammy and I think that there is an opportunity almost anywhere to communicate with the other side.  We spend a lot of our investigative time at Historical Sites that we find around the house or will travel to a location that is historic in nature to see what we can find.  We feel that historical sites have an abundant amount of energy that we can tap to communicate.


Though a number of investigators steer away from cemeteries, we find that some of our most compelling evidence has been found there.  We enjoy investigating cemeteries or mausoleums because of the reverence and respect that we feel for those that have passed on.


You will notice that we do not spend time at the so called famous haunted locations (i.e. pay a fee to investigate).  Though we feel there is some value to these types of investigations, for the most part we feel it is more of a tourist investigation site that people go to for the "thrill of the hunt."  We are not "Ghost Hunters" we are investigators that use our skills to try and find proof of the paranormal.  As with all teams, we are not always successful and we only post things on the site that we feel have value in this task we set out to do.  We are not saying we will never visit one of these locations, however, we will be very selective of which ones we do investigate.


As you look over our site you will get an insight into the types of places we prefer to visit.  There is value in any location and we believe that we can tap the energy out there to find what we are looking for.  We are always looking for the next location and we look forward to your input and suggestions on where you would like to see us go.



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