This video was taken with a full spectrum camera at a private residence in Akron in 2013 when I was investigating with APER.  Watch the banister area after I go up the stairs and the spirit orbs come down and go to the kitchen on the right.

March 10, 2016


On a night that Tammy had to go over to our church with Brad, she decided to take the equipment and make a run through the cemetery  there to see if she could communicate with any of the spirits that we know hang out there.  We weren't disappointed.  She was followed almost immediately after entering and then was able to get some good interaction with the entities following her using our little ghost meter.  The meter was set for straight  EMF which is a good setting for this little EMF meter.

These next two videos are from an investigation I did with Spirit Rising Paranormal of a Private Residence in Lima, Ohio.  The owners were concerned about the noises they were hearing and the objects that were being moved around the house.  I caught this video using one of our DVR cameras set up in the living room.


This is the same video as above but slowed down by 2.5 times.  Watch closely from right to left.

This is a video at the old Boem Methodist church.  Tammy was just filming outside the church and when we went over the video later we discovered this in the upper right hand window.  The second video is in slow motion.

An Interview with Tammy - 1-15-2016 at a Cemetery in Gap, Pa


July 2, 2015 - A private residence basement in Pennsylvania.  Watch the window area on the left.

The above video in slow motion.

Our Equipment

10-31-2015 Our Wedding Day

An Introduction to TAT Paranormal

Our First Video - March 2014 - Sorry about the quality.

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