Photo Gallery

Since the establishment of TAT Paranormal Tammy and I have have taken thousands of photographs and many different locations.  We have tried to bring you some of our favorites on this page.  Please look through them and let us know what you think.  If you have a favorite photo we would love to get your take on it.  We have tried to post normal photos of places we have visited and we also have added a page of some our our best catches over the years.  Please enjoy.

Civil War Re-Enactment - Quarryville, PA June 2018

Photo taken at the re-enactment. Click on the red box to see the spirit mist forming in the wood line during this event.

Navy Museum - Port Deposit, Maryland - May 2018

Penhurst Asylum - November 2017

Click on the red box to see a spirit looking out at the boys

‚ÄčThese pictures were captured by Tammy in front of the house.  Two Amish boys were going down the road when they spotted something out in the field.  It really shocked them and you can see their reaction trying to figure out what they were seeing.


Our home is a very active location.  We have numerous spirits that come through almost daily.  The photos you see below were taken in our bedroom with Tammy holding the swords we wore at our wedding.  It didn't take long before one of our regular spirits, a Civil War Soldier, decided he wanted to be a part of the photo shoot and jumped in behind Tammy (to the right in the photos).  The first picture in the series is one of the original photos and the others have been enhanced by the skill of our close friend and fellow investigator Cris Cruz (Thanks Cris).  One of our upcoming videos will be on the Soldier hauntings of our home and the surrounding property.

President James Buchanan Grave site, Lancaster, PA

Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery, Columbus Ohio

Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery

Amazing Gravestones

Port Deposit, MD - Naval Station and Boat House

Greenwood Cemetery, Cleveland, OH

Alger Cemetery - Westgate, Ohio

Witch's Hill Cemetery - Old Chestnut Grove

The above photos were taken at the Ephrata Cloister in Pennsylvania.  This was a religious compound that was founded in the early 1700s and was at its peak a religious group of about 300 believers.  The residents of this community were believers that were celibate and thought that the second coming of Christ was going to occur at any time and they were going to be ready when he came.  Their existence was for worshiping and preparing for this coming and they lived basically sealed off from the rest of the world.  They ate once a day and had prayer times at 5AM, 9AM, 12PM, 5 PM and at Midnight for 2 hours.  They ate only vegetables and dairy and slept on beds that were just bare wooden planks 18" wide and used a block of pine wood as a pillow.  Do you think you could live like this?

Tammy and I are always looking for new places to investigate.  We try to always have at least some of our equipment on us no matter where we go.  In the pictures below you can see one of the old abandoned places we came across.  I was taking some pics and Tammy was in the car.  All of a sudden she said she felt she had to get out of the car and come over to where I was taking pics.  As soon as she got up close to me the last two pictures are what we caught.  Her feelings always pay off.  We both believe that she was invited out to speak with the entities that were present at this old homestead.

If you are military or connected to the military in any fashion, there is no more somber place than a military cemetery.  This is the Western Reserve National Cemetery and it was an amazing place for us to visit.

The pictures below are from a cemetery in Spencer, Ohio where legend has it that at night people see a floating old fashion lantern that just moves about the cemetery with now apparent means of being carried.  It is a very heavy cemetery that you just feel, even in the daytime, that something is there and following you around as you move through the gravestones.

Over the weekend, Tammy and I decided to take a drive around the area to check out some of the old abandoned places we have around the house.  As usual we weren't disappointed with what we found.  Tell us what you think.

York County Prison - York, Pa


This abandoned prison is located in York, Pa.  It has been empty for about 17 years but the city still hasn't torn it down.  It is located on the south side of York in a pretty rundown area close to some factories that are still in operation.  Legend has it that if you walk around the exterior of the prison that you will be followed and talked to by the former inmates.  We were not disappointed on our visit.

Haldeman Mansion - Bainbridge, PA


This historical mansion is located in a small town called Bainbridge.  The mansion was originally built in 1740 and has since gone under renovations beginning in 1875.  It is said that if you stand on the front porch that you will be talked to by the former residents of the mansion.  Tammy and I did get a couple EVPS here that you can hear on the EVP page

5 February 2016 - Boem Methodist Church

Cemeteries in Gap, Pa - 1-15-2016

This is an enhanced photo of one of the pictures from the above cemetery.  As Tammy was walking away from the area to the right of the crosses I snapped a picture and we captured a very interesting object behind the trees.

Robert Fulton Birthplace - March 2015

Covered Bridges of Lancaster County Pennsylvania


Old abandoned farmstead near Montrose, Oh

Tammy and I came across this old ruin while just out driving on some of the back roads near the house. November 2015

November 2015 - Two Cemeteries and Mausoleums near Cleveland, Oh

The Rockford Plantation - Lancaster, PA - - October 2015

Squires Castle, Cleveland, Ohio - October 2015

Resurrection Cemetery and Sunset Memorial Park - November 2015

Mayer Plantation, Lancaster, PA - - September 2015

Herr Farmstead - Pennsylvania -- September 2015

All Saints Cemetery - August 2015

Lakeview Cemetery - Cleveland, Oh -- August 2015