Our Best Catches over the Years

Over the years, Tammy and I have caught some amazing photos in our travels.  We wanted to share them with you here.  Please comment and let us know what you think.

These pictures were captured by Tammy in front of the house.  Two Amish boys were going down the road when they spotted something out in the field.  It really shocked them and you can see their reaction trying to figure out what they were seeing.

The Locket Transformation Right on Tammy's Neck

The Witch of Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Berea, Ohio

These picture are one of our most stunning photos.  This photo was taken at Chestnut Grove Cemetery in Berea, Oh.  It is also known as the Witches Cemetery.  Legend has it that in the mid 1800s a woman was accused of being a witch and was put to death on the sight of this graveyard.  They separated her head from her body and buried her in an unmarked location in the cemetery.  People over the years have reported seeing this witch wondering in the woods surrounding the cemetery.  While investigating here I got a really strange feeling that I was being watched and took a picture over my shoulder.  This is what I captured.  Is it the witch of Chestnut Grove?  What do you think?

The Ghost at the Civil War Re-enactment, Quarryville, Pa

While out driving around I pulled over to take some pics of an old house and barn. Tammy stayed in the car but felt she had to get out and join me.  This is what we captured when she came up to me.

This one really surprised us.  We were out and about and came across this old abandoned house by the side of the road.  As always we stopped to take a few pictures and were not disappointed in our results.

This picture was taken in the cemetery at Mt Zion Church.  The area where this was seen is on the far side of the cemetery away from the church.  We have our idea of what it is, can you tell us what you think it is?

This picture was taken at the House of Wills in Cleveland, Ohio.  This old mansion is an amazing place to hunt.  The picture was taken in the basement area of the mansion in a room called the Coffin Room.  The picture below these two is one a friend of mine took a few years before in the same room when her team investigated the House of Wills.  Coincidence?

This picture was taken at a cemetery in Bedford Ohio.  I was there attending a pagan festival and decided to check out the cemetery across the street.  It was a warm hot day and I was feeling something hanging around so I turned and snapped a picture.  This is what I captured.

This was taken while we were doing a private residence in Cleveland.  If you look close at the area marked in the picture you will see an older woman with gray hair.  After speaking with the owners and showing him the picture he confirmed that the picture looks like his grandmother who passed away about 5 years ago.  The two boys of the family talked about seeing their grandmother but the parents didn't believe them.

This picture was taken at one of the many covered bridges that Tammy and I have done.  We have captured a large number of recordings and videos from our investigations of the bridges, but in this case it was really exceptional.  I was at one end of the bridge and Tammy at the other.  I told Tammy to stand still and look at me because I saw what I saw something.  This is what I saw.

This one is very cool.  There is a small cemetery on a hill in Quarryville, Pa that Tammy and I have been to a few times.  In the middle of the cemetery is a building that is used for grounds keeping equipment and storage.  We have also captured a few really good EVPs at this location.  In this picture you can see the image of a man looking out at us from the building.  The picture was actually taken from a farther distance but when we started looking at the photos we were surprised when we saw this.

The next few pictures are from an abandoned house Tammy and I found in Port Deposit, MD.  In the first you can see an older woman standing between the wall frame here.  Tammy tells me that this woman use to live in this house.  She is very clear.  You can see her dress, her hair up and her arms at her sides.  She was observing us as we took pictures of her home.

This is a picture we took in a mausoleum in Cleveland.  Marble walls inside make it very easy to capture images of things you can't see with the naked eye.  In this one you can see a woman sitting on one of the benches against the other wall.  A very good catch.

This picture was taken a a place called Herr's Mill in Lancaster, Pa.  Look in the middle window - second from the bottom.  What do you see?

The pictures below were all taken in Lancaster, Pa at a historical home where the General who fought with George Washington lived.  There was a lot of activity in this old historical home.

This picture was another cemetery in Ohio near a town called Peninsula.  this is another case where we felt something around us and started snapping pictures.  this is the result.

These pictures were taken in Lancaster Pa.  It is called the Miller Mansion and it is a deserted mansion from the late 1800s.  Another very interesting place to investigate.

The below picture was taken in January of 2016 at a small cemetery outside of Gap, PA.  I have blown up portions of the photo so you can get a better look.  A Great Catch.