Orbs and Light Anomalies

This page is designed to discuss and show something that is very controversial in the paranormal world - ORBS.  If you go to any paranormal site on the web or read articles and books on the paranormal you will see that there are many different levels of beliefs on orbs and light anomalies ranging from every single picture of an orb or anomaly is just dust, bugs, or dirty camera lenses to every picture of an orb or anomaly is a spirit or ghost.  We feel that both of these are short sighted and narrow.  there is a discerning happy medium if your are honest with yourself and the rest of the paranormal world. The whole purpose of studying or researching the spirit world is to learn and get an understanding of the paranormal and the experiences that people have that cannot be explained or readily accepted.


To be a good paranormal investigator you need to have an open mind to different beliefs and experiences.  To get the whole picture you cannot be stuck in stone as to what you believe and that all others that have a differing opinion are wrong and not good investigators.  You need to have the understanding that not every experience or observation is the same and that there are occurrences or situations that just cannot be easily explained.  You have to examine all of these with the same open mind and determine for yourself whether an occurrence or experience is paranormal or not.


DAVID SAUNDESON of The Spooky Isles gives what we feel is the best advise for being a paranormal investigator.


You need to be curious. You should have a desire to uncover the unknown. There is so much that we don’t know, and still have to figure out "about ghosts and other unexplained phenomena.  You shouldn't be distressed by not knowing.


You need to be positive.  Spirits are attracted to energy, but friendly spirits are likely to stay away from negative energy. It is only the harmful spirits that will flock to negativity.


You need to be a critical thinker.   You need to be able to analyze data and make sense out of it.


You need to have an Open-Mind.  You should be open to all possibilities. Because there is still so much that we don’t understand, we have to admit that during an investigation anything can happen.


You also need to be skeptical. This may seem odd, considering we just said you should be open-minded, but when dealing with the paranormal you want to have a healthy mix of both of these qualities.  You shouldn’t shut yourself off to anything.  If you’re too much of a skeptic, you may end up dismissing valid evidence of paranormal phenomena.  But you also don’t want to identify every creak in the floorboards as ghost activity. Be skeptical, but also be ready for anything.





So, with all that being said we believe that there are orbs and light anomalies that are actually forms spirits can and will take.  Study them and decide critically if what you are seeing is a dust particle, a bug, or actually a manifestation of spirit energy.  We have come across many of each and the photos below are presented for you to decide if it is spirit energy or something else.


You should always be cautious about orb photos but don't always discount them as being caused by dust, bugs, or photographic artifacts.  Some of us theorize orbs represent the energy patterns of ghosts or entities. This theory contends each orb can contain the energy of one or more entities. The ghost orbs are believed to manifest as glowing spheres of white, gold, green, blue, or crimson.  We have witnessed what appear to be intelligent and reactionary energy orbs that move about either inside or outside a home or building. This type of orb is more difficult to explain away as simply an out of focus insect or light reflecting dust particles since they're seen by the naked eye.  Another type is the orbs you capture in a video that seem to move in unrelated patterns to the surrounding environment.  Light anomalies that change direction in their movements without an external stimulus such as wind or movements of people or objects should be looked at more closely.


Here are some things to consider when evaluating orbs or light anomalies:

Singular orb: If dust or raindrops are in the air, they will more than likely show up in multiples, but a single orb may be real.


Pulsing orb: A pulsing, bright orb that appears to vibrate may actually hold a spiritual life. Obviously if you are taking still shots, you won't catch this, but if you see one of these in the room, try to record it on video.


Contrails: True orbs often leave a trail behind them as they move across the room. Look for this in photographs as well.


The density of the orb: the brighter and more dense the orb appears, the more likely it is to be Spirit, the lighter and fuzzier the orb, the more likely it is to be a dust particle.


Outer ring– Spirit orbs may have an outer ring or several rings within the orb.


The color– dust particles are usually just one color, whereas Spirit orbs can appear as many colors.


We are going to start off with a really good examples of  photos with everything in one picture - Rain, dust, and spirit energy or other type of energy that we just can't explain.

This picture was taken in the backyard.  the two blue boxes show rain drops and dust or dirt particles.  The yellow boxes are not either.  This anomaly we cannot explain.  I have a couple of enhanced photos below which show just how much energy is being put out by this object.  Not only were they visible to the naked eye (the dust and rain was not in the dark) this object moved from left to right which we followed and took additional pictures as it moved.  You will also see a change in the shape of the object as it moves further to the right of the yard and then disappeared as we watched it move.

This photo was taken the same night and about 2 minutes after the photo above had disappeared.  As with the first one we watched it move with our eyes in the same direction and disappear at about the same spot as the first one.  Very incredible and cool to see.

These three next photos were taken in succession and you can watch the energy move from left to right as the pictures were taken.  The light anomaly in the tree moves from left to right and then is gone by the third picture.  The one close to the ground appears to be following the first as they move.

Here are some examples of orbs or light anomalies that are moving.  Notice the tail on them.  This will normally indicate that it is not a bug or dust and is actually a possible spirit energy orb.

Here we have some photos that we believe clearly shows the luminous nature of a spirit orb.  It is believed that spirit energy will pulse and have a bright ring of luminescence around it as it moves.  We feel these were actual spirit energy orbs we captured.

Other orbs or light anomalies we have encountered during our investigations.

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