A New Approach to the Search for Answers

TAT Paranormal is a site dedicated to bring you the truth about the paranormal as we find it, study it, and analyze it.  Tammy and I work together to bring you the best evidence possible on what we encounter in our investigations and our everyday lives.  We are a Husband and Wife team that tries to get the answers to what happens after death and whether or not we can communicate with those that have passed beyond this life.  Our evidence that we present on this site is not doctored any any way.  We will enhance our pictures only by zooming in on specifics or enhancing the brightness or darkness of the picture.  The only enhances we do on recordings or videos is to slow them done or remove some of the background noise.  What we capture is real and it is for you to decide whether or not you believe in what we present.  Please enjoy our page and give us feedback anytime you like on anything you see here.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Coming out next summer - TAT Paranormal will be publishing our first book of our experiences and our insights into the Paranormal.

 "Unadulterated Paranormal"



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