Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) Captured By TAT Paranormal

Here at TAT Paranormal we try to give you the most accurate portrayal of what we hear on our recordings and videos.  We do not alter any of the evps you will hear other than to remove some of the background noise, slow down of the audio for a better understanding, or to enhance the volume.  Some are still hard to hear without the use of headphones, however, we do not alter them to make them sound more realistic.  That is not our way of bringing you our evidence.  Please listen through them and if you have any questions on what you hear or would like to help us in the interpretation of what we heard please send us your comments on the comment page of the website.  Thanks for being a part of our team.  --  Terry and Tammy

Tammy and I went back and decided to pull some of our EVPs from the past and show case them here for you.  As with any recording of this type, some are easy to hear and understand and others need to be listened to very carefully.  Let us know what you think. I recommend you use headphones to hear them.

"Clear them out"

"Bring Her"

"My Union"

"Go Here"

"What's That"

"Oh Buddy"

"You can't see me"

1 Getting ready to leave and heard "Bye"

2 "come on"

These EVPs were captured at Jackson Sawmill Bridge.  We had a large number of captures at this location.  It was extremely active.    Can you tell the difference in the number and gender of the entities talking with us?

3 "Hey"

4  "I Know"

5 "stay with Me"

This first EVP was captured in March of last year.  Tammy and I were going through our haunted house and we captured this voice telling us they were not leaving.

In this EVP, our son is hollering at the dog to be quiet and Tammy is commenting and you hear the entity telling her that she "can't take it"

This one is really interesting.  You can hear the interaction between two different spirits.  The first tells the other to get out and the other tells it no.

Here is another example of two entities interacting with each other.  On asks "what happened to your friend and the second says "it's the dog".

Here I ask the spirit to come talk with me and it replies "it's the best I can do"

We get a lot of spirits asking for our help.  In this one you hear a female voice saying "Help, I need your help"

March 2016

These Evps were all captured at various places we investigated or just visited during the month.

This EVP was captured at York Count Prison.  Tammy saw a bottle that a tree had grown around and commented on it.  Listen to the response she gets.

In this one from the prison, Tammy asks for the spirit to use the lights on her K2 meter if they can see her and she is told "I can't".

In this EVP Terry is walking around the prison fence and he is told in no uncertain terms to "Leave".

In this EVP fro the York Prison, you may need to put on a set of headphones to hear it.  Tammy asks if there is anybody that wants to talk with her and you hear a male voice whisper "Not Really".

This EVP is from Haldeman Mansion.  It is a strange one that we cannot figure out what it is.  Maybe you can help.  Sounds like someone blowing their nose a little but we know it wasn't either of us.

Here is another from Haldeman Mansion.  See if you can tell us what it is saying.  We know the first part is telling us to get out.  What do you hear?

In this EVP, Tammy is asking the mother a question and gets an answer from a little girl.

February 2016

These Evps were all captured at various places we investigated or just visited during the month.

This EVP was captured in our home when we heard some things going on and wanted to know who it was.  We were told "no names" when we asked for one.

January 2016

These Evps were all captured at various places we investigated or just visited during the month.

1-15-2016 - Getting the name of a small child who has been following Tammy around.  Listen closely at the 11 second mark of the clip.  We get the name Betsy.

This EVP was recorded at a small cemetery near Gap, PA.  The spirit voice is asking that I bring Tammy over I believe.

This EVP sounds like Tammy is being told they are from Hell.  Listen closely at about the 4 second mark.  What do you hear?

1-22-2016 - Tammy and I were doing some EVP work at the house because our house always has visitors coming and going.  This is one of the voices we caught saying Hi.

1-22-2016 - Sometimes when we don't answer faster enough for them we get EVPs like this one trying to get our attention.

Some people don't like using the Spirit Box due to the uncertainty of whether or not you are getting voices from the beyond or just a radio station.  Tammy and I use it at times with a Faraday Cage and we do have some luck with what we capture.  The answers we publish do correspond with the questions we ask or we don't use them.

In this one Tammy is told exactly where the spirit is during the conversation.  he is on the bed with her.

1-8-2016 - In this EVP Tammy and I are told that we know whoever it is that we are talking to.  "You Know Me".

1-15-2016 - This one is a caring one.  Tammy coughs and the voice asks if she needs water.

2015 EVPs

These were all captured during various months last year.  Let us know what you think.

11-25-2015 - Private Residence. We were in the basement of a private residence and I asked if the the spirit would like to come in to talk with me and I am told to come upstairs.

October 10, 2015 Being Welcomed.

October 24, 2015 - Even the spirits love to whistle,

Outside of Robert Fulton Birthplace - Children singing from what use to be one of the out building on the property. 8-7-15

8-14-15 Being told why they are bothering us - "you're not one of us".

8-15-15 - Listen to the very end of the clip.

7-2-15 Sounds like the spirit is telling us something about the chair Tammy is talking about.

7-5-15 - A voice of a child captured in the backyard while we were out playing.  The little girl was trying to get our attention.

This video clip was taken at Chestnut Grove Cemetery - The Witch's Grave.  You can here the voice of a woman telling me I am going the wrong way.

This evp is also from the Witch's Cemetery.  You can hear a man's voice asking who I am.

The evp was captured in a mausoleum Tammy and I visited in Lancaster.  You can hear a female voice tell me to "follow her"

Here is a evp of a spirit telling Tammy that she is a friend of mine.

This evp let's us know that sometimes we get spirits, especially of children that will follow you home if you aren't careful.

Sometimes you get certain spirits that will come back after a while to visit.

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