Who Is TAT Paranormal?

TAT Paranormal is a faith based investigative team that explores the unknown and attempts to gather proof of the spirit world that surrounds us.  The team is comprised of three regular members that investigate together (Terry, Adam, and Tammy).  Our main goal is to provide evidence of the interaction between the living and the souls of those that have departed this physical realm.  There is a thin veil between life and death and at times this veil is lifted just enough to provide us with an opportunity to communicate and see those that have departed the physical body and have become spirit.  This site is dedicated to giving a look into the spirit world and to hopefully provide answers to the age old question of "What happens when you die".


Everyone is welcome to review and comment on the content of this site. The evidence or information posted here is unaltered in anyway except for audio enhancement (Volume, Noise Reduction, or Speed), picture cropping and/or enlargement, and video slow motion. What you see, you can decide on your own whether or not you believe in spirit activity or not. We are Christian based and believe that our faith in God and Christ do not present a problem with our belief in the existence of the paranormal.


Our team has investigated a large number and assortment of areas where we have captured many different things.  We do not tend to investigate what you would call "famous" haunts.  We have found that there is spirit activity everywhere.  This isn't a new idea by any means, however, a number of teams still think that "famous" haunts are the best place to go.  We disagree with this line of thinking.  Most of these places are steeped in misery and frustration.  We are not saying that there are no spirits here because there definitely are.  But to us, these places are the thrill rides of the paranormal world and not the type of place to gather the information that we desire to capture.  These locations sometimes bring out the worst in not only the spirits but also the "paranormal investigators" that go there.  Think of it in this way.  Would you like to have someone come in to your home day after day, night after night and trample through your living room and ask you the same questions over and over again?  We don't think so.  Spirits good, bad, or indifferent deserve respect and common decency.  We feel that even when we encounter a spirit and attempt to communicate with it, we need to understand that most were once human just like us and they deserve to be treated like we would want to be treated.  Even those you would consider bad or evil still have their own feelings or mind if you will, and in order to communicate effectively you need to do what makes this communication productive.


We do investigate a large number of historic sites.  These types of locations have a lot of energy which provides us with a better chance or opportunity to communicate effectively with the spirits that are present.  You may not be able to capture the voices or pictures of the historical figures from this site or time period, but chances are you will find something of value and information from those that either had a small association with the site or with another that just happens to be there.  We have found in our investigations that spirits tend to roam from one place to another.  We have communicated with the same spirit in two or more locations that are not geographically close to one another.  We will talk about this more in the section on "What is the Paranormal" on this site.




TERRY -   Terry is retired Army who served for 22 years in various areas around the world.  He has spent a number of years overseas and has had the opportunity to visit many historic sites around the world.  Though he has always been a paranormal enthusiast, he did not actually begin investigating actively until 2004.  He has been on a number of different paranormal teams during this period and has investigated many public locations as well as many private homes.  His primary goal is to gather information and learn as much as possible about the spirit world that surrounds us.  Though he loves to share his evidence with those that are interested, his primary goal remains to learn for himself and expand his knowledge into the paranormal.  He is very adept in electronics and his skills with computers and recording media make him an invaluable asset to TAT Paranormal.  His logical approach to an investigation and his skills of observance and problem solving helps the team to gather and analyze the best possible evidence to share with those that have a need to understand or just want to know about the spirit world.


Tammy - Tammy is a mother with three boys.  Her experiences with the paranormal started when she was a very young girl.  Her family owns and has lived in a very active place for as long as she can remember.  Her experiences ranged from hearing noises in the night to seeing and being able to hear the voices of spirits on a regular basis.  Over the years her abilities to communicate with the spirits of the dead has become stronger and more focused.  She doesn't classify herself as a psychic, medium, or any of the other popular words or terms that you hear today for her ability.  She is just a very intuitive person who has an ability that cannot be easily explained in mere words or phrases.  She is able to communicate with the spirit world in a way that most have never seen or heard of.  She has been given the ability to actually see the spirits and to hear them talk with her.  This ability has come in very handy on investigations to try and get answers to the questions that vex every paranormal investigator in the field today.  We have found that even the spirits are sometimes awed at this ability and tend to come back to be heard over and over again.  As you see and listen to some of the evidence we present on this site you will see exactly what I am referring to.


Adam - Adam is Tammy's 25 year old son who joined the team because of his enormous interest in the field.  Adam also has his mother's special ability to hear the spirits of the dead past and present.  He has developed his skills at a different rate than Tammy but has been able to use the ability to aid us in our search for the truth about the spirits.  He has a very good instinct when it comes to knowing where to go on an investigation to get the best results to knowing just the right questions to solicit an answer from the spirits.


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